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About This Site

We all know Night-Wolf. Whether he's fighting the Sovereign Serpent, battling Jeremiah Kaine or simply opening a Super Market in downtown Cardinal City, we know we can all rest easy. Unless we're criminals that is...

I became a fan when Night-Wolf rescued my cat from a tree. At the time both the Unstoppables and Wolf-Boy were fighting The Red Reaper who had destroyed half the city (The Press Called it "Judgement Day") but rather than deal with the larger menace Night-Wolf instead climbed a tree to rescue Mo, my kitten.

It was the most amazing, unselfish and altruistic thing I'd ever seen (bare in mind this was the day both The Hooded Loner and Jiffy-Bag fell in battle). Sadly Mo perished during the attempt but I appreciated Night-Wolf 's time and his idea of using his grappling hook to climb the tree in the first place.

When I met Night-Wolf a few days later to return his grappling hook following the Vets removal of it from Mo's corpse, I was met by the aloof avenger we all know and love. First he downplayed my fan-boyish enthusiasm by failing to remember me, then he asked polite questions as to if I had a lawyer. Then he asked if I'd washed the grappling hook.

Since then I've been a huge fan and hopefully this website will convince you to join his fanclub.

What's this site about?

This site aims to answer all your questions regarding Cardinal City's greatest champion - Night-Wolf. His origins, early appearance's and place in the colourful world of costumed characters that surround us everyday. For those of you unfamiliar with the name (shame on you!) I encourage you to check out the History section. For those of you that have heard about the documentary that's been made about him I've gleaned some information from the production company and that's available here too.

Latest News....

Night-Wolf Nominated For Best Film

The movie Night-Wolf was not only screened at the 2006 Festival Of Fantastic Films but was nominated for best film.  For details click below.


Looooonnnnnggg Night in Longbeach

Night-Wolf is to be screened at the 2006 "Action On Film" festival in sunny California.  The screening is on Saturday July 29th at 10pm (in screening room 4).  See you all there!


Further to the story below Night-Wolf is being screened in the 179 seater, Screen 7, during the NYIIFVF on Saturday 12th of November.  See link below to book your ticket!


Night-Wolf being screened at the New York International Independant Film & Video Festival in November

Yet another screening date for the film everyone is talking about (well, mainly me actually).  This one in New York City in the USofA.  It's hapening somewhere between the 10 and 17th of November.  Check out www.nyfilmvideo.com for more info.  And tune right back here for more details of the date it's being screened.

Night-Wolf Shown At Edinburgh Festival

Night-Wolf the movie is being shown on August 19th at 6pm as part of Troma's independent film festival in Edinburgh.  Immediately following it is Toxic Avenger Troma's own superhero movie.   

Night-Wolf In Cannes?!

The latest buzz that's got the people at Doug's fan-site really excited is that Night-Wolf himself will be personally attending the Cannes film festival. He's going to promote the documentary made about him (see Night-Wolf In Cannes for full story).

Toothbrush Boy to quit?

Since his contract with "Ultra-White" brand Toothpaste has seen him earn upto 5,000 per public appearance rumours are ripe that Toothbrush Boy will quit to concentrate on this full time. A cursory call to Night-Wolf confirmed that his oath to fight evil is legally binding and that Toothbrush Boy is contractually obliged to stay until his death. So good news: He will NOT be quitting.

Night-Wolf in fracas at Toy-Fair?

Whilst attending Mattbro Toy's presentation at their annual Toy Fair in Cardinal City I saw Night-Wolf there to endorse his new toy line. Unfortunately due to the court injunction imposed on me by him I was unable speak to him personally. However during the presentation Night-Wolf stood up and questioned exactly why there were so many figures devoted to his former side-kick Wolf-Boy. It seems of the 50 proposed figures - 30 cover the many sidekicks of Night-Wolf (may they rest in peace). 10 were villains and 8 were different versions of Wolf-Boy. Night-Wolf took issue that whilst Wolfboy had different figures like "Arctic Attack Wolf-Boy"; "Night-Vision Wolf-Boy" and "My Perfect Date Wolf-Boy" he had merely 2 figures; "Surrender Night-Wolf" (with the ability to raise his arms up lightning fast) and "Gut-Punch Night-Wolf" who crumples into a heap if any other figure in the line is placed near to him. The debate got heated and the audience were asked to leave. The exact details of what followed are unclear but Richard Exeter Vice-President of Mattbro toys was later collected by ambulance with what was reported to be "Lightning Punch Wolf-Boy" protruding from his rectum.

Night-Wolf to host chat show?

Apparently not....

Night-Wolf attempts to halt screening of his life story.

It was the news that got my heart racing when it was announced a year ago. "Night-Wolf". A fly on the wall documentary about my hero. However following it's filming it was announced that Night-Wolf was blocking the release of the film as he felt it misrepresented his persona, views on life and overall war on crime. More on this story as it comes in....

Hi! I'm Doug!
This is MY site is devoted to my hero: Night-Wolf!!

Hi! I'm Doug! And I'm Night-Wolf's Number 1 Fan!!
This site is dedicated to my hero - Night-Wolf










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Winds light to blustery

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